Education is a way out of poverty for children in Guatemala. It is a way for them to visualize a future and realize their dreams. It is socialization in a positive way.

Unlike the United States, there is no property tax in Guatemala to support local schools. Government funding is limited. Many families cannot afford the costs associated with sending their children to school.

The House of Healing student scholarship program directs money to those most in need. Largely, these are Mayan children of the San Lucas Toliman and San Antonio Palopo areas of Guatemala. This region is considered to be in the “poverty belt” of Guatemala, where the most extreme forms of poverty are seen.


Scholarship money pays for the cost of school, clothes and shoes along with gym clothes and tennis shoes, books and supplies, and even wood to cook a daily snack. If you are sponsoring a child in secondary school this also pays for transportation, because most villages only have a primary school.

  • The annual cost per student is $200.
  • Scholarships are due in October for the following year
  • The school year is January to October.

There is additional cost for students with special needs. Contact us for details.

Consider your commitment to the child, not to a period of time. Children may finish their education in 9th grade or go on to further studies. Several students are currently enrolled in nursing and medical technician school. The cost for such education is reasonable by our standards. For example, a three-year nursing program is about $1,400 per year.

The House of Healing distributes 100% of your donation directly to the student and family. Your donation is tax deductible. Communication between you and your sponsored children is done by letter, and you will receive letters from them throughout their education.

Our missionary Teri speaks with the parent or guardian of every child, as well as the teacher in the school where they would go. Teri also speaks with the student if he or she is old enough. Scholarships are given primarily to children of families that could otherwise not afford to send their child to school.

Scholarships should be mailed to:

House of Healing Foundation
PO Box 1664, Brighton MI 48116

When sending donation designated to a particular child, include the students name, town and the name of the sponsor with the check.

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