Imagine …

Oftentimes it’s how dreams become reality….

“What would you do if you had $100,000?” Missionary Teri was asked that question a few short years ago. She instantly replied that she would establish a drop in medical clinic for the people of San Lucas Toliman.

Sometime prior to this Teri and a small group of other servants were walking along Calle Pavarotti, one of the main streets in town, when one of them stopped in front of a certain building and said that God was going to do great things there.

A prophecy, a question, and then….

A small group began to meet and pray in the United States, and before long a board of directors was in place for the yet to be formed House of Healing. Together with Teri we were led to the very building that had been earlier claimed for God. It would be expensive to purchase, expensive to renovate, but imagine….

It was something that only God could accomplish. And God did it! Courageous givers provided $300,000 in just three years, and $150,000 more for renovations, and the House of Healing came alive. Only God…

The dreams continue. Additional medical personnel are being trained. The clinic area is being expanded and updated. Mission teams are finding a warm and welcoming center for refreshment and renewal. And God is praised as lives are impacted throughout the region. Only God….

More chapters are yet to be written in this grand story. Opportunities continue to be discovered. Might there be something stirring in you to share in such a God honoring enterprise? You’ll find contact information below. Let’s talk.


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