Mission Teams

The House of Healing is the heartbeat/center from which mission teams are deployed throughout the area.

Teams have built more than 150 houses for single moms and their families, and while doing so have shown them the love of God by being the hands and feet of Jesus in their lives.

Stoves are built that are properly ventilated, burn less wood, and are much safer than open fires that are traditionally used for meal preparation.

Solar powered lighting is installed by teams that enables kids to do their homework after dark.

Many teams conduct Vacation Bible School- style programs that impact children and their families.

Depending on skills that team members bring (carpentry, teachers, medical/dental, electrical, music, etc.), the possibilities for service can be endless.

Mission team members experience personal renewal and sometimes even profound life change as they reach out beyond themselves.

Consider bringing your team to Guatemala. Download our guide for Making the Most of Your Trip to Guatemala here:

Mission Team Planning Process

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