Meeting Eduardo after a terrible storm here in the Atitlan area of Guatemala was a huge blessing.  He worked on legal papers for all the people we helped move out of harm’s way, and did the same with the 16 families for whom we built homes.

From there I got to know him as he did some personal paperwork for me, and then found out he was also the lawyer for Doña Cony, the awesome woman who owned what is now the House of Healing.

Then he volunteered to do all the paperwork for free for us to transfer the title to the House of Healing Foundation.  That was a gift in kind of about $5,000 for this new vision that God has given us.  He said he had sown well, and we expect that he will harvest well also.

He is also a deacon in the church that we attend when we have groups here.  And the 2 young women who are spending their discovery year with us are dancing on the praise and worship team at that same church.

He and his family are such blessings to the community of San Lucas Tolimán!