The Story of Tanya’s Gift
by Missionary Teri

Tanya was a 3 year-old, 14 pound little girl who was brought to the clinic in late August of last year. Recognizing right away that we were not prepared to treat this precious child, we sent her to the local hospital.

The hospital refused to see her.

Tanya died in early September as a result of neglect, apathy and incompetence.

Not long after this we took another little girl to a new hospital across the lake for malnourished children, which is a chronic problem in this area. While there, the doctor showed us some statistics about deaths in the country due to malnourishment. Tanya’s name was not on the list. Right away I contacted the people in charge and gave them the information I had. Even though I insisted that I saw her in August, they continue to claim she never existed!

In response to this the House of Healing board of directors has established Tanya’s Gift, a fund which will enable us to provide room and board for patients like Tanya in need of care, along with their caregivers.

Dear reader and prayer warrior, there are so many areas in which to pray. For starters, pray for the children of Guatemala, and pray for us that God will use us for His glory and for the healing of His people.

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