August 19, 2015

Our last entry featured the opening of the drop in medical clinic at the House of Healing in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. Thanks to your support, quality and compassionate care is now being extended to the local Mayan people in Jesus’ name.

I used to say that because I had a part in the development of the clinic, which was a humbling, exciting and rewarding experience. Now I can take it a step further: thanks to the House of Healing, quality and compassionate care was extended to me.

My most recent trip to Guatemala was with a team made up mostly of college students. We built a house for a wonderful mother and daughter along with a couple stoves, and sponsored a Vacation Bible School week for local children. One afternoon we took a break and played soccer (‘futball’). It was gringos vs. ninos. (Ninos is Spanish for ‘kids,’ and gringos is Spanish for ‘gringos.’) A small number of us got caught up in the heat of the action when the ball came our way and I, the oldest gringo, hit the dirt along with a few others.

The end result was a bit of damage to my right leg, and just like that I became a patient at the very facility that had been the object of so much prayer and effort.

I can now say from personal experience that the staff of the House of Healing provides excellent medical care. It was affirmed when I visited my own doctor upon my return home. Full recovery will take awhile yet, but I can say with confidence, thank God for the House of Healing.

Stories like mine will continue to grow and God will be praised. Check out other sections of this website to see how you might become part of such a noble enterprise.

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