The headline dated November 16, 2015,  immediately caught my attention:

“Guatemala Says Its Hospitals Are An Absolute Disaster”

It was reported on a Latin American news website that went on to elaborate:

“Guatemalan hospitals are in a dire state, said the country’s minister of health and social welfare, Mariano Rayo, who blamed the health disaster on political corruption and the mismanagement of public funds, according to media reports Sunday.”

 “‘We agree that the situation is dramatic. The lack of supplies is an undeniable reality and that limits the possibilities of providing adequate services to patients [in a] dignified way,’ the minister told local journalists.”[1]

Especially for those of us who have visited and worked in Guatemala, this is so much more than a news report.  Instead, countless faces appear in our minds of the people  we love for whom this is a stark reality.  We know their stories and have seen their standards of living, and yet we also know that our experiences represent just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

This news report also speaks to the sense of urgency that propels us in the ministry that we call, “The House of Healing.”  We understand the need, and we also see an irresistible opportunity to address it in the name of Jesus, the Great Physician.  In this way we get to touch lives at multiple levels and experience our own transformation in the process.

So how about you?  Check out the opportunities elsewhere in this website for you to make a difference.  Yes the need is great, but the opportunities are boundless since we serve a God of abundance.

The House of Healing: changing the world, one life at a time.