From Janet Cooper

Day 5

21 March 2019

Yesterday was such a huge day, as we finished and dedicated the house.  This is my 3rd year, and Isabella (the mother) was the most grateful and openly thankful I have seen yet.  Yonathan, her son, cried as well.  Part of her wailing had to do with her religion; she is with the Pentecostal church and is taught that she has to wail for God to hear her.  Regardless, she was very thankful.  Her husband abandoned her when Yonathan was an infant and her parents are deceased, so she is not surrounded by family in the village as is normal in the Mayan culture.  She so enjoyed our company and the other ladies of the village as well.  I hope and pray that they continue to visit her.  She is now in the ‘circle’ of our ministered women and families.

This is so much more than building a shelter…see how it creates community?  Now that she has a house she can focus her money on nutrition and health.  She will also become a messenger of good works, letting Santiago or Teri know when she sees needs in other families so we can help.  Also, her faith has been solidified, so she will be a steadfast champion of The Good News.

Albert dedicated the house and my son Wyatt did the prayer of dedication.  That kid makes me swell with pride (I know, it’s a sin).

Chad sponsored a big party last night here at the HOH.  All of the House workers and their families were here.  Santiago too!  It was so much fun: light hearted, lots of laughter, many children, and many pictures taken.  We had never done this before, and it was a great way to end our time here.

Until next year, San Lucas Toliman!