Update on Our Work with Local Firefighters & Their Families

Missionary Teri writes:

The House of Healing has coordinated over $15,000 in donations of equipment and cash to help the local firemen train and work to help their own people.

Last June when Fuego had a pyroclastic blow we had no local firemen but 11 people were in training. They needed economic help and encouragement. When the House of Healing heard that they were told they would never graduate from the fire/rescue training because they were Mayan, HoH stood up by their side publicly in the central park proclaiming our support for them. As Christians, racial prejudice is not to be tolerated and stands must be taken and acted on. We did and proudly continue to support our local and county firefighters /rescuers.

We have sponsored teaching and team building sessions, hosted and honored them at a special dinner, had them participate at our Christmas party where they shared what kind of things they do and they spontaneously shared the gospel of Jesus to the kids and moms. Several little ones said they would like to be firefighters when they grow up. We have donated to several families whose members died while on rescues or fighting fires. And on the fun side we offered a building for them to tear down for practice. They had a great time and now we have a space for the ministry to grow.

(Firefighting equipment is still badly needed in the region. Contact the House of Healing to offer equipment and/or financial aid.)