“I love to tell the story”

This was sung at church in Brighton, Michigan one Sunday and it made me laugh. That is the purpose of the railings at House of Healing, telling “the story” of Jesus and HIS love for us!

The last time we wrote about the railing adventures we brought you to the northwest side, and now we move to the northeast corner of the upper room. This railing tells the story of people from around the world around the throne of GRACE, praising Jesus. We have various races presented, 6 languages, and people of all ages and sizes. Doña Cony and I are also around the throne praising God. There is even a shofar being blown by a man from Israel.


Then on the east side there is a railing that also has a wonderful story. The LORD had given me a vision of a railing with faces and music. OK. The faces we started preparing were those of our interns and others who have worked with us. But what about the music and the tiny detail of paying for it?

In March a woman on the team from Texas asked how much it would cost to put a railing up and I gave her the cost from our iron worker, Daniel. She talked to her husband and then handed us a check. God is so good!

But the question of the music remained. Then the April team came from Novi, Michigan with awesome singers and they sang “Surely the Presence of the LORD Is In This Place” and I knew that was what we needed to put on the railing. So they taught Daniel and me a little about music notes and how to put it all on two lines. And it is done and so cool. People can actually play the song by notes and on I Phone pianos and accordions.


Hope you have enjoyed the stories of the railings. It would be great to have you visit and see them for yourselves.

It’s all part of the House of Healing, changing the world one life at a time.