My granddaughter Millie and I went out to play not long ago, and, as usual, it was a time filled with wonder. That’s the thing with little ones: every day is a new adventure filled with discoveries, lessons and memories.

We walked along a path in a patch of woods. It might as well have been a jungle safari, since every step brought something new. We didn’t cover much ground, but the ground we covered was well inspected. There were leaves to be studied, twigs to be picked up and bugs that required a closer look.

It didn’t take long, thankfully, for my grown up impatience to wear thin and my own ‘inner child’ to take over. I joined her quest, and together we made a formidable team.

My times with Millie are treasure troves. I come away not just with memories but also with insights fresh and new. Gratitude is a constant presence when she and I are together. Hopefully you will be blessed in a similar way at some point in your life. When it happens, you can’t keep such joy to yourself because it demands to be shared and relived in the telling.

Those of us who have been to Guatemala know what that’s like, as we experience the world in a new way and are forever changed.

Find out for yourself. Read the stories in this website and elsewhere. Talk with those who’ve been similarly impacted, and open yourself to life change. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you go out to play. Adventure, discovery and transformation await.

The House of Healing: changing the world, one life at a time.