Missionary Teri recently wrote the following to me (Dan Michalek) about the blessing of anger.

With her permission I’m passing it on to you.

I want to share this experience with you. At the same time this was going on with me, my son was also experiencing a similar lesson about God’s anger. Interesting how our FATHER does this. Interesting. At a recent youth conference, where we were studying Nehemiah, I had a vision of Jesus walking to the cross with the only audience being the spirit world. I had seen him before in humility, meekness, love, etc., but never had I seen him in complete anger. He literally ran to the cross with fury on His face.

Then he asked me to share this with the young people. As I did so, I asked them what they thought he was angry at. Some said “us,” so I went around the area and told them he was not angry at anyone, actually using their names. SO I asked again what was he angry at. Jeremiah (13 years old) spoke up and said “pecado,” sin. I breathed such a sigh then that I caught myself off guard. Yes, I told him and the group, yes. And that anger was then nailed to the cross with my LORD and their LORD. As I looked at each face I realized this was the first time they had heard this.

Then I encouraged them as the LORD encouraged Nehemiah to use his GODLY anger in a positive way. When they see injustice they do something guided by the Holy Spirit.

Then we started building a home for a single mother. Two of the little boys for whom we were building were really sick so I asked permission to go into their home and examine them. Vilma, the mom of 4, gave me permission and I walked into a river running through their home.

The anger rose within me: at her runaway husband, at the community, her relatives and at myself. Then peace ran through me a few days later when we dedicated her new home as she said she would move in that very day and that she was blessed to have a dry, secure place to live with her 4 children.

I praise God that Godly anger turned into a Godly blessing.

Another story from the House of Healing. We’re changing the world, one life at a time.