Exam Table “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” So goes an ancient proverb, and so goes another step in the life and ministry of the House of Healing.

In addition to the guest house, we share a dream of starting and supporting a drop-in medical clinic for the Mayan people of San Lucas Toliman and the surrounding area.

Missionary Teri was instrumental in building a clinic in another part of Guatemala, and now that she is established in San Lucas feels called to do it again. Those of us on the House of Healing Foundation Board of Directors share that vision, as do countless others, and step by step this God honoring dream is taking shape.

There’s so much more involved than just having a supply of medicine and bandages on hand. For one thing, nurses need to be trained. Being a registered nurse herself, Teri is well equipped in this area, but even here there are extra challenges: many nursing candidates in this part of Guatemala need to learn reading and writing along with principles and practices of health care.

Another area of need is equipment, and here is where we’ve been blessed with one of our first steps:

An examination table. So very basic and so very essential. As you can see, this one is brand new and homemade, which means it will be a perfect fit and will also play a key role in the medical ministry of House and Healing.

So, friends, steps continue. One by one. I invite you to share the rhythm and to join us as the pace quickens, all for the glory of God and a witness to our Mayan brothers and sisters.