Part of the vision of House of Healing is to provide hospitality for those who travel to Guatemala to serve, work, and grow in Jesus’ name. To that end, much work has been done to nurture an environment conducive to learning, growth, refreshment and nourishment.

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A mission team tours Casa de Curacion upon arrival.

“The Moment of Thanks Journal” offers an opportunity for guests to share comments and memories of their stay at the House of Healing. We thought it would be good to share some of them with you, and are grateful for permission to do so.

“So thankful for the opportunity we’ve received to stay in such a beautiful place. The hospitality is pleasantly overwhelming. The House of Healing keeps God in the center.”

“When I came to House of Healing last year it was a work in progress, and now it is a beautiful house of God! This has been an amazing week and while it is hard to say goodbye I am looking forward to coming again!”

“I pray the Lord blesses many with the opportunity to serve HIM here. May the Lord continue to use this House of Healing to bring those who are far from him to a place of peace through the Lord Jesus Christ.”

There are many others, but Missionary Teri says, “You have to come here to read them!!!”

So, come visit. You will be blessed, and who knows what wonders God will work in and through you?

Gloria Dios!