Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live and work in a country other than your own? Two young women from our community here in Brighton, Michigan, are doing just that, serving at the House of Healing for three months. Missionary Teri just sent us a report on what they’ve been up to.

As you read this, I invite you to consider these things:

  1. Thank God for those who serve in this way.
  2. Consider the possibility that you might do the same, even for just a few days.
  3. Finally, pray for this wonderful ministry, learn all you can about Guatemala, and imagine other ways in which you might get involved, personally, financially, and however else God may lead.

And now, an update from missionary Teri:

I just thought that since it has been a little more than a month since the girls arrived here in Guatemala, you would like to hear how they are doing.

First I want to thank you for trusting us with your girls. As a parent and grandmother myself, I know how big a thing this is.

Emma and Madeleine have been a blessing. They have caught the vision of House of Healing in a short time. They have worked with the team here and myself and fit right in as soon as they got here.

  • They have worked with 3 teams already and have been very observant and helpful to me, as it takes a lot of time to organize and oversee a group.
  • They took under their wings a women who was assaulted in a way we shall not say here but they have made her feel loved and secure.
  • They participate in the church as part of a dance group, learning and performing with the local young women and girls.
  • Last Saturday they visited a patient up the mountain and had a chance to encourage and pray for her and bring her more “homemade brew” (you don’t want to know). Next week they will visit her and take her the starter so she and her girls can learn how to make it to keep her lupus under control.
  • They have worked with Norma, our cleaning women, showing her how to set up an email account and how to send and receive information. Norma is very excited, and told me she never thought she would have the opportunity to learn all this new technology.
  • Tuesday they will go to a warehouse that may have some items for our clinic that hopefully will be starting sometime in April. They will go with our nurse who will be working there along with Antonio, my administrator.
  • And of course they are painting!   The HoH needs a lot of painting and they have been preparing and working on this.

Thank you again for letting us participate in this year of discovery for Emma and Madeleine.

In Christ always,