A Week In the Life of a Missionary

Written by:  Missionary Teri


A visit to Tzampetey (a neighboring village) with our visiting mission group for kids’ classes. Fun and an adventure.


We started work in Chitulul (another neighboring village) on 2 houses for 2 single moms. While there, rocks fell on the south side of my house for the second week in a row. The previous week rocks took out my turkey cage, but all turkeys and eggs emerged unscathed. Everyone agrees that this was nothing short of a miracle!


Someone poisoned my new dog, Selah. The whole team started praying as we tried to get rid of the poison. As I cried over her and worked on her we spoke life not death and 2 hours later she finally vomited all and started to recover. She looked at me with a big tear in her eye and cuddled close. The next morning she peed for me and showed me her urine was clear. Praise God. He cares for his creation. And for me!!!


Heavy rain made it impossible to work, so we had fun with kids and their moms instead. We made tortillas, jumped in mud puddles with the kids (and gringos too!), sang, joked even in 3 languages, and just had a great time. The group relaxed when they were reminded that the house would be built, just maybe not with them. As always, relationships are the priority!


Morning coffee, another earthquake. This one measured 6.8 on the Richter Scale. Everything moved. The locals say that after a shake like that the ‘cannicula’ begins, a dry period during the rainy season. So, off to work we went but the pouring rain wouldn’t let us! Again, there was no work on the house but more fun with families instead using Bible stories and games.


It was dry in the morning, so the houses were finished! We had pouring rain during the dedication of the houses to God and to the women, but all is well. Another rock fell at my home thanks to the rain, so I’m writing this in San Lucas, semi dry and safe.



God has been glorified throughout this week. We give thanks in all things, because like Psalm 23 says HE is with us.

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