On July 17th we started a new phase of construction at The House!

Written by:  Missionary Teri

Alex and his crew are excavating the area north of the future kitchen to build a storage area and guardian’s quarters. This will also give us the north wall of the kitchen when we build that. Gregorio, our gardener and guardian, was so excited to hear of the new construction plans he volunteered several days to get the rubble out of the area and organize all the lumber to use as scaffolding and forms.

This also will prepare us for future construction of a manager’s apartment and an extra apartment for guests or student interns.

We invite you to participate in this new venture by donating to the House of Healing foundation.

Visit our Giving page to learn more about the different ways you can support The House.

For those considering a major gift of $10,000 or more, a donor can designate a room at The House with the name of a family, friend, loved one or Bible character. Feel free to contact The House for more information.

For all gifts big and small, we would like to say, “¡Gracias!”

Your incredible generosity allows us to continue Changing the World, One Life at a time.