Meet the Team!

Written by Missionary Teri 

Since May was a quiet month of spring cleaning, thoughts of new births in many senses and of family, I thought that I would introduce you to our awesome hospitality team that we have at The House:


Norma is our day administrator and House keeper. Norma has a new husband, new baby and lots of energy.  She keeps all in line, including me. If you ever need anything at The House, she is the one to go to for help. We call her baby, who is 4 months old, Sparky. He smiles a lot and helps his mom in everything. In other words, she carries him on her back for all her HoH duties.


Gregorio is our gardener and guardian. We have a 10:00pm curfew and you had better be back at The House and quiet or…..His wife, Rosa, went to be with Jesus in July and he is lonely by his own admission. (Now you know how to pray for him.) He lives on site with his daughter Filo and her son, Nelson, who is 10 years old. Filo is the laundress and appreciates it when people allow her to wash their dirty work clothes as this is how she earns money to raise Nelson.


Alex is our handyman, always ready to help when we need him to fix something or to turn new ideas into reality. He also does this at my home, having worked with me for 4 years there. He is married to Glenda and they have a son, Kenneth, 27 months old.


Vin is our carpenter and has done all the cyprus work at The House and many other things. When a door literally fell off its hinges last year he was there within the hour to get things moving on a new one. He and Carmen, his wife, have 2 children, Andres and Kalomete’. They love the Mayan traditions, which is why their daughter is named after a Mayan princess.


Daniel is our genius iron worker/artist. He takes my ideas and works wonders with the railings and other items he does for us, like the holder for the shofar. His wife, Eufemia, was one of the students in our cooking class 3 years ago. They have 3 children, Adma, Gudy and Melany.


Berna is our courageous and fabulous cook at The House. She loves to serve Guatemalan dishes but is open to new ideas. Her 3 sons come and help out as well and they enjoy spending time with the groups. One is a really good rapper! He did so in March and it was the hit of the night! Berna also manages a cellular phone store in Parque Central (Central Park) in San Lucas.


Flori is our clinic nurse. She is the youngest of 7 children. Her parents are very excited that she has the opportunity to work with us. Someone in one of the groups gave her a scholarship so she can complete high school and then be eligible for professional nursing school next January. She is a hard worker and oh-so pleasant when I ask her to work extra time to help a parent with a sick child.


Raymundo is the first face most groups see when he greets them at the airport with a smile and a clean van. He has worked with me for 10 years and is one of the most patient and responsible drivers here in Guatemala. He is a gem. His wife Francisca and son Antonio are also part of the “team”.


Antonio is the project coordinator for all the projects that groups get involved with when they come to The House. We always joke that we met because of a storm and then started working together because of another storm. He lives in Tzampetey, a village where several of the teams have worked and where I live as well. He has 10 children. One is actually doing an apprenticeship with me to be the successor for his father’s ministry.

– – –

Please pray for this awesome team as together they make The House all that God, our Father, wants it to be. Come to bless and come to be blessed.

– Missionary Teri!